Social Responsibility

The Company is a responsible company and supports beneficial causes in its environment. Sustainable business is part of the Company’s culture.

Relationship towards the State and the Public
  • The Company writes, manages, and maintains its official documents in compliance with valid legal regulations and internal guidelines.
  • The Company’s accounting practices are authentic, true, and accurate. The Company meets its financial and non-financial obligations towards the state properly and in due time – especially in terms of taxes, legal deductions, and contributions.
  • The Company actively cooperates with state authorities and meets its obligations regarding publishing legally specified data. It also adequately publishes information about its activities and interests, for example, on its web pages.
  • The Company communicates openly and transparently with the public.
  • Based on its possibilities, the Company supports voluntary activities, charities, health, sport, and cultural non-for-profit organizations that are generally beneficial.
Relationship towards the Environment
  • The Company, its employees and representatives undertake to act in such a manner to avoid damaging the environment or causing ecological harm. The Company has a system for preventing environmental hazards.
  • The Company’s employees and representatives are aware of the impacts that their actions have on the environment, they minimize all types of waste, recycle, and ensure that recycled material is collected, prevent the leakage of harmful substances and its spreading and they reduce the consumption of material, media, and energy as much as they possibly can.