About us


Information systems for transport and logistics:

  • Comprehensive and flexible SW development
  • Numerous tailor-made components
  • Full range of accompanying services
  • Stable quality of products and long-term success
  • A number of major prizes awarded by our customers
  • participation in the European rail research project Shift2Rail

 Specialized software companies:

  • A Czech private group of specialized software companies
  • Close and effective cooperation since 1993
  • The main development background is based in the Czech Republic
  • Own subsidiaries in Slovakia and Poland
  • Representations in Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia
  • Total of 300 employees mostly with university and secondary education:
    • 250 development
    • 20 business
    • 15 management
    • 15 administration

OLTIS Group Members

OLTIS Group (2004)OLTIS Group
Holding company, intern. projects, coordination, management


IT systems for railway infrastructure, dispatching systems etc.


Processing and providing of information, data and services in rail freight transport of Europe and Asia


OLTIS Slovakia (2007)OLTIS Slovakia
Representation of OLTIS Group in Slovakia


OLTIS Polska (2013) previously JERID Polska (2006) OLTIS Polska
Representation of OLTIS Group in  Poland


OLTIS Hungaria (2014) OLTIS Hungaria
Representation of OLTIS Group in Hungary



Statutory director
Štefan Mestický

Executive Director and Procuration
Miroslav Fukan

Financial Director
Jiří Červinka

Director Division Management Systems and Operation
Jaroslav Kober

Director Division Logistics
Rostislav Vašek

International Sales Director
Libor Belfín

Director Research and Innovation
Petr Kroča

Director OLTIS Slovakia
Jozef Fejfár

Chairman of the Board OLTIS Polska
Tomáš Kroča

Business consultant OLTIS Hungaria
Zoltán Nagy


More than 1000 customers in 25 countries: railway undertakings, operators and infrastructure managers, freight forwarders, carriers, shippers, universities, international associations and organizations etc.

Among others:


Our partners are leading companies of the European rail industry:

  •  Adif, Spain
  •  Advanced World Transport, Czech Republic
  •  Armáda ČR, Czech Republic
  •  AutoCont, Czech Republic
  •  AŽD Praha, Czech Republic
  •  CID International, Czech Republic
  •  ČD-T (ČD IS), Czech Republic
  •  ČD Cargo, Czech Republic
  •  České dráhy, Czech Republic
  •  European Passengers’ Federation, Gent Belgium, Belgium
  •  FLOYD, Hungary
  •  FORWARDIS, Germany
  •  Fraunhofer Institut, Germany
  •  Gaben, Czech Republic
  •  HaCon, Germany
  •  Hit Rail B.V, Netherlands
  •  Hupac Intermodal, Switzerland
  •  CHAPS, Czech Republic
  •  LEVEL, Czech Republic
  •  LOVOCHEMIE, Czech Republic
  •  MERIT, Czech Republic
  •  Microsoft, Czech Republic
  •  Ministerstvo dopravy, Czech Republic
  •  ORACLE, Czech Republic
  •  PKP LHS, Poland
  •  Politechnika Krakowska (Cracow University od Technology), Poland
  •  Rail Cargo Logistics – Czech Republic, Czech Republic
  •  RELIANT, Czech Republic
  •  RPP International, Czech Republic
  •  SNCF, France
  •  STARMON, Czech Republic
  •  SŽDC, Czech Republic
  •  Škoda AUTO, Czech Republic
  •  Transics, Czech Republic
  •  UIC, France
  •  UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics), Belgium
  •  UNIFE, France
  •  UNIPETROL DOPRAVA, Czech Republic
  •  UNIZA-Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, Slovakia
  •  XT-CARD, Czech Republic
  •  ZSSK Cargo, Slovakia
  •  Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, Slovakia
  •  ŽSR, Slovakia



Czech Republic

  • ACRI – Assotiation of the Czech Railway Industry
  • SSL – Czech Association of Forwarding and Logistics
  • SP – Czech Confederation of Industry
  • ČLA – Czech Logistics Association
  • R.E.K – Reliant Expert Club
  • SDT – Association for Transport Telematics
  • HK – Czech Economic Chamber
  • ČESMAD Bohemia – Association of Road carriers
  • GS1  Czech Republic – Global Standard for identification, automatic data gathering and communication
  • ADSSF – Association of Transport, Forwarding and Service Companies
  • Czech ICT Alliance – official export alliance of the Czech Trade agency


  • UNIFE – Association of the European Rail Industry (Brussels)
  • OSJD – Organization for Cooperation of Railways (Warsaw)
  • CCTT – The International Association Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation (Moscow)
  • UITP – International Association of Public Transport (Brussels)
  • RFE – Rail Forum Europe (Brussels)
  • IBS – Community of European Railway Forwarders (Berlin)
  • OPTA – Open Telematics Alliance (Frankfurt)
  • GETA – Green European Transport Association of Research & Development Organisations and Professional (Prague)
  • Polska Izba Producentów Urządzeń i Usług na Rzecz Kolei – Chamber of Railway Devices and Services Producers (Bydgoszcz)
  • SEESARI – South East Europe Strategic Alliance for Rail Innovation


OLTIS Group is the organizer of international conferences and seminars, which came to the attention of wide public and were many times awarded. E.g. International Rail Freight Conference (IRFC 2013) was awarded by ACRI annual award in the category Event of the Year.


IRFC 2017IRFC 2017

  • International Rail Forum & Conference
  • 22.–24. March 2017, Prague


  • International Rail Freight Conference
  • European Rail Research and Innovation Conference
  • 18.–20. March 2015, Prague

IRFC 2013IRFC 2013

  • Eurasia Rail Freight Business | EURASIA RAILWAY FORUM
  • 13.–15. March 2013, Prague

IRIC 2012IRIC 2012

  • International Rail Infrastructure Conference
  • Infrastructure, Interoperability and Information Technology for European international rail transport
  • 5.–6. November 2012, Bratislava


  • User Seminar of JERID and OLTIS applications
  • 4.–5. October 2012, Olomouc

IRIC 2011IRIC 2011

  • International Rail Infrastructure Conference
  • 14.–16. November 2011, Bratislava


  • 5. International Business Conference
  • 22.–27. September 2011, Hotel Guadalmina SPA & Golf Resort, Spain

IRFC 2011

  • Euro-Asian Rail Freight BusinessIRFC 2011
  • 23.–25. March 2011, Prague

IRFC 2009

  • International Conference and Exhibition Railway Cargo Transport between Asia and EuropeIRFC 2009
  • 4.–6. March 2009, Prague

IRFC 2008

  • International Rail Freight ConferenceIRFC 2008
  • 5.–7. March 2008, Prague


For more information see the Archive http://www.railconference.com.

Research and Innovations

European projects of research and innovation

SPRINT (S2R-OC-IP4-01-2018) [2018–2020]SPRINTShift2Rail
Semantics for PerfoRmant and scalable INteroperability of multimodal Transport


Shift2MaaS (S2R-OC-IP4-02-2018) [2018–2020]Shift2MaaSShift2Rail
Shift2Rail IP4 enabling Mobility as a Service and seamless passenger experience


Assets4Rail (S2R-OC-IP3-01-2018 ) [2018–2021]Assets4RailShift2Rail
Measuring, monitoring and data handling for railway assets; bridges, tunnels, tracks and safety system

OPTIYARD (S2R-OC-IP5-01-2017) [2017–2019]OPTIYARDShift2Rail
Optimized Real-Time Yard and Network Management


GOF4R (S2R-OC-IP4-01-2016) [2016–2018]GoF4RShift2Rail
Governance of the Interoperability Framework for Rail and Intermodal Mobility


ST4RT (S2R-OC-IP4-02-2016) [2016–2018]ST4RTShift2Rail
Semantic Transformations for Rail Transportation


VITE (S2R-OC-IP2-02-2016) [2016–2018]VITEShift2Rail
Virtualisation of the Testing Environment


IT2Rail (Horizont 2020, 1st Call) [2015–2017]IT2RailHORIZON 2020
Information Technologies for Shift2Rail


CAPACITY4RAIL (Seventh Framework Programme, 6th Call) [2013–2017]CAPACITY4RAIL7
The project aims at development of new railway technologies for enhancing railway capacity till 2050


MERLIN (Seventh Framework Programme, 5th Call) [2012–2015]MERLIN7
The project focused on energy efficiency targeting at a 10% reduction in energy consumption


D-RAIL (Seventh Framework Programme, 4th Call) [2011–2014]D-Rail7
The project is focused on prevention in derailment in rail freight operation


EUREKA Projects



D-RailProjekt E! 11214 EPLOS [2017–2020]
European Portal of LOgistics Services


D-RailProjekt E! 11159 OPTILOAD [2017–2020]
Optimisation of loading of oversized goods and special equipment on open railway wagons


D-RailProjekt E! 11156 ERIC Mobile [2017–2020]
European rail information centre in freight transport for end-users on mobile platforms


D-RailProjekt E! 9173 EDMOND [2015–2018]
Electronic transport data services for monitoring of dangerous goods


D-RailProjekt E! 9172 MONET [2015–2017]
Central system for monitoring and evaluating of transport movements


D-RailProjekt E! 7663 INNOLOGI [2014–2016]
Innovative Logistics


D-RailProjekt E! 7624 TREX [2014–2017]
Development of IT support for exceptional railway transports, broad gauge and TSI implementation


D-RailProjekt E! 7619 TABLOG [2014–2017]
Use of mobile devices such as tablets & smartphones for data collection, data processing & operational process management


D-RailProjekt E! 6726 LOADFIX [2013–2016]
Development of the software web application for loading and fixing goods in railway freight wagons


D-RailProjekt E! 6725 REAL-BRIDGE [2012–2015]
Railway Euro-Asian Land Bridge Data Base System (Info Support of CIM/SMGS Transports)


D-RailProjekt E! 5025 LOGI-GATE [2010–2012]
RFID reader gate for railway rolling stock, road vehicles and storage mechanisms


D-RailProjekt E! 4509 EIMIS [2010–2012]
European inter-modal information system


D-RailProjekt E! 4062 LOGCHAIN+ ERWIN [2008–2011]
European railway infrastructure network


D-RailProjekt E! 3579 NARVIK [2006–2008]
European rail cargo portal


D-RailProjekt E! 3161 LOGCHAIN RAILMAP [2004–2007]
Electronic railway map of Europe [Awarded as the best EUREKA project in 2009]


Structural funds


The project is co-funded by the European Union [2015-2018]
The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive information system for the support of railway passenger transport operators in the creation of their offer.


The project is co-funded by the European Union [2015-2017]
The aim of the project is the presentation of OLTIS Group at foreign exhibitions and fairs.


The project is co-funded by the European Union [2018-2019]
The objective of the OLTIS Group Company, a.s. in the Marketing project is to present itself at foreign trade fairs and exhibitions, acquire new customers and strengthen the position of the company at the foreign exchange market.

Implementation of TAF TSI

 OLTIS Group products are verified as complying with the TSI

The European Union Agency for Railways (EUAR) has verified the OLTIS Group software products with TAF TSI implementations as compliant with Regulation No.1305/2014/EC and its technical documentation.
The verification process includes products for both railway undertakings and infrastructure managers.

TAF TSI compliance report is published on the ERA website. The report is available
on the following link: www.era.europa.eu


 Projects for implementation of TAF TSI


CEF programme

The OLTIS Group succeeded in 2016 and 2017 under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funding programme among projects that will make a significant contribution to the digitization and decarbonisation of transport. Both ongoing projects focus on the development and implementation of standards for data exchange in accordance with the Regulation on the technical specification for interoperability on the telematics applications for freight (TAF-TSI) into information systems used by rail carriers to plan and support their operations.
The TAF-TSI requires existing functionalities to be extended and to communicate with infrastructure managers, cooperating carriers and wagon keepers. The projects aim to help private operators who have not yet used complex systems operated by large or national operators but who must now meet the requirements in terms of complexity of the required functionalities. The projects will allow these private operators to achieve a less costly but equally comprehensive solution to full interoperability with large national carriers.

Title: Implementation of TAF-TSI at Private Railway Undertakings EU programme
Programme: CEF Transport
Grant Agreement No: INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2015/1137518
Action No: 2015-CZ-TM-0056-W
Duration of the Action: 2017 – 2019
Coordinator: OLTIS Group (Czech Republic)

Private railway undertakings in the Czech Republic:
– BF Logistics s.r.o., Beranových 65, 199 02 Praha
– IDS CARGO a.s., Albertova 229/21, 779 00 Olomouc
– Ostravská dopravní společnost, a.s., U Tiskárny 616/9, 702 00 Ostrava 1
– SD – Kolejová doprava, a. s., Tušimice 7, 432 01 Kadaň
– UNIPETROL DOPRAVA, s.r.o., Litvínov – Růžodol 4, 436 70 Litvínov

Private railway undertakings in Slovakia:
– Express Group, a.s., Plynárenská 7/B, BBC V., 821 09 Bratislava 2
– LOKORAIL, a.s., Horárska 12, 821 09 Bratislava
– PSŽ – Prvá Slovenská železničná, akciová spoločnosť, Ružová dolina 10, 821 09 Bratislava
– Railtrans International a.s., Trnavská cesta, 920 41 Leopoldov
– Petrolsped Slovakia, s. r. o., Arm. gen. L. Svobodu 2839/1, 984 01 Lučenec

Title: Implementation of TAF-TSI at the Hungarian Private Railway Undertakings EU programme
Programme: CEF Transport
Grant Agreement No: INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2016/1361703
Action No: 2016-EU-TMC-0134-W
Duration of the Action: 2018–2020
Coordinator: OLTIS Group (Czech Republic)
– MMV Magyar Magánvasút Zrt., Kerék u. 80., 1035 Budapest, Hungary
– FLOYD Zrt., Madarász Viktor utca 47-49., 1138 Budapest, Hungary


The companies OLTIS Group a.s., OLTIS s.r.o. OLTIS Slovakia s.r.o., JERID, spol. s r.o. and CID International, a.s. were awarded management system certificates documenting that they have implemented and integrated management system according to the requirements of the international norms ČSN ISO 10006,ČSN EN ISO 9001, ČSN EN ISO 14001, ČSN ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 20000.

In addition to the ISO certificates the OLTIS Group members are Microsoft Certified Partners and also Microsoft Gold Certified Partners.


Since 2012, OLTIS Group has raised the level of partnership with the company ORACLE from the level of SILVER to the level of GOLD partner. This means, that OLTIS Group is able to maintain not only its own products using the SW of the company, but also ORACLE applications themselves.


Integrated Management System Policy (ISR)

The Group provides complex IT services for transport and logistics with focus on large scale custom-made projects based on customer’s specifications. Among our partners and customers there are the leading carriers, transport infrastructure operators and manufacturing companies in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (mostly in Slovakia and Poland).

The plan is to continuously operate and further improve the implemented integrated management system, which is designed according to the requirements and recommendationof the international norms ČSN EN ISO 9001 (QMS = quality management system) ČSN EN ISO 14001 (EMS = environmental management system), ČSN ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS = information security management system), ČSN ISO/IEC 20000-1 (ITSM = IT services management) and ČSN ISO 100006 (PQM = project quality management system).

iso14001 iso-iec 20000-1 iso-iec 27001 iso 9001

The below stated policy of the integrated management system interlaces the individual policies of the individual ISŘ sections. In all the sections of ISŘ we place the emphasis on strict adherence the valid legislation and in EMS especially on waste disposal and energy savings.


ISR policy formulation

In compliance with the above plan the group declares this policy of integrated management system.
To implement the group plans we will focus on realisation of the following principles:
1) High quality professional and qualified staff
2) Well working infrastructure
3) High quality of the provided services
4) Agreement with the contractual requirements of the customers from the view of meeting the defined SLA
5) Monitoring of the newly introduced products
6) Application of project management methodology
7) Following the trends of environmental protection
8) Safe work with information
9) Ensuring availability of information and its protection at the same time
10) Elimination of risks concerning the availability of the provided services and information security



Award for the solution of the JERID Company “Independent Monitoring of Railcars” within the call “ÖBB Open Innovation Challenge”
Authority: Rail Cargo Group, Member of ÖBB Rail Cargo Group
Year: 2017


Company of the Year 2016 in Olomouc region
Award for the 3rd place in the Vodafone competition “Company of the Year 2016 in Olomouc region”
Authority: Hospodářské noviny (“Economic Newspaper”)
Year: 2016


vyrocni cena ACRI EN

The annual ACRI 2014 award in the category Event of the Year for the successful organization of the conference IRFC 2013 (International Rail Freight Conference).
Authority: ACRI
Year: 2014



vyrocni cena ACRI EN

The annual ACRI 2013 award in the category Event of the Year for the successful organization of the conference IRFC 2012 (International Rail Freight Conference).
Authority: ACRI
Year: 2013



Zlatý kočár1

The Golden Chariot 2013 International Transport Award in the category “Achievements in Strengthening International Relationships in the Transport Sector”
Authority: Organizing Committee of The Golden Chariot Award
Year: 2013




vyrocni cena ACRI EN

The annual ACRI 2012 award in the category Event of the Year for the successful
organization of the conference IRFC 2011 (International Rail Freight Conference).

Authority: ACRI
Year: 2012



logo Lider Transportu Szynowego

Award Lider Transportu Szynowego in the category Telematyka for the project KONTI
Authority: Transport i Komunikacja a Forum Transportu Szynowego
Year: 2010



logo Inovace AIP_en

2009 Innovation Award for the product “RailMap – Digital Railway Map of Europe and Asia”
2nd place in this competition

Authority: Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship, Czech Rep.
Year: 2009



International EUREKA Innovation Days Award 2009 for the Project E!3161 LOGCHAIN+ E-RAILMAP
Year: 2009


Award of logistics innovations in the IT category – support for logistics – for the project „SIMON – System of Intelligent Monitoring of Wagons“
Authority: ATOZ Event
Year: 2008


Diploma for the 2nd place in the 10th annual competition Exportní cena DHL(Export Award DHL) in Small Company category
Authority: Czech Trade and DHL
Year: 2007


Award of logistics innovations in the IT category – support for logistics -for the projects „MDA Implementation into the Process of Distribution in ČSAD Hodonín“.
Authority: ATOZ Event
Year: 2006


Awards of the 10th international fair Logistika, Transport a Spedice (Logistics, Transport and Forwarding) for results in introducing of IT in the field of railway and road traffic.
Authority: MCT i PVT, Poland
Year: 2004


Awards of the 8th international fair Logistika, Transport a Spedice (Logistics, Transport and Forwarding) for results in introducing of IT in the field of railway traffic.
Authority: MCT i PVT, Poland
Year: 2002


Editorship award for specialized PEPA software (today ERIC) for railway traffics of goods
Authority: Professional monthly LOGISTIKA
Year: 2001