OLTIS Group is a purely Czech business entity comprising member companies. Since 1997, it has stamped its authority on the information systems market for transport and logistics through sustained success and reliability. The associated specialized software companies within OLTIS Group work synchronously and effectively, thereby offering complex and highly customizable information system solutions wherein several key components are tailored to the needs of the clients. This is one of the key strengths and the niche of OLTIS Group.

The main development base and headquarters is located in Olomouc, Czech Republic. OLTIS Group has its own subsidiaries in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

The Group companies are socially responsible for the region, environment, employees and customers. The whole Group is composed of more than 200 employees.

• A strong IT Group in Central and Eastern Europe

• A purely Czech private group of specialized software companies closely cooperating since 1997

• Development and implementation of sophisticated IT systems for transport, forwarding and logistics

• Innovative software solutions

• Implementation of railway interoperability

• IT services and consulting

• European research and innovation projects

• A significant member and partner of international organizations