OLTIS Group provides complex solutions for both small and large passenger railway undertakings that need to effectively perform their operation in the areas of performance planning and operational management.

OLTIS Group systems support long-term offering modeling processes, creating both annual and short-term timetables, optimal use of resources and their assignment and deployment to transport tasks, including real-time tracking trains and moving objects (locomotives, train sets, train staff). At the same time, the systems provide the users with the necessary visualization of current and expected traffic situations in required graphical views to provide support for operation management related to the correction of operating irregularities.

The solution in individual processes and operation planning and management activities includes cross-references, consolidated solution, data communication with IS of infrastructure managers (according to TAP TSI) and other partners in individual processes and activities of operational planning and management.   

Overview of Topics Addressed
Train path modeling in variants
Modeling of train paths and timetable variants.
Timetable compilation
Planning of regular and short-term timetables for railway undertakings, including coverage of regular or ad-hoc paths request process.
Change requests planning
Modification of plans and provisions, creation of measures for reasons of exclusion and other planned deviations.
Vehicle and personnel circulation
Set up of vehicle and staff shifts, vehicle's location of service.
Allocation of vehicles and personnel to operation
Setting up shift plans, assigning vehicles and staff to specific tasks, creating documentation for attendance systems.
Tracking railway wagons and locomotives
A comprehensive solution for tracking trains, locomotives, passenger and freight rail wagons via satellite communication units. This solution includes a specialized web application which has been primarily developed for railway use and it can be extended to data transfer to other information systems and applications.
Visualization, tracking of trains and managed objects
Tracking trains, locomotives, train sets, vehicles and train staff, incl. prediction of further development of traffic situation in required graphical interface (graphical timetable, map view, sheets overview).
Management of monitored objects
Management of monitored objects, support of activities in correcting deviations from the a performance plan.
Standardized data communication
Ensuring RU-IM bi-directional data communication according to TAP TSI regulation, data communication with partner dispatchers and other with other actors.
Communication with RU operations division
Support for communication between dispatchers, operation divisions of RUs and on-board train staff.
Evaluation of quality performance
Producing of required overviews and reports of timetable fulfillment quality performance.