The OLTIS Group TMS (Transportation Management System) offers a comprehensive solution for road freight hauliers who need to streamline their in-house processes, make better use of fleets and increaseOverview of Topics Addressed driver productivity. It also provides a specialized solution for tanks. The advantage of this solution is the openness and flexibility of the system that allows an easy system integration in transport companies.

Overview of Topics Addressed
Recording and tracking the status of customer orders made by importing, manually, or through the web portal, recording damage.
Planning in a dispatching timetable, using map data followed by status monitoring, including automatic notifications.
Pricelist and calculations
Management of supplier and customer-specific tariffs, automated calculations.
Issuing of simple and collective revenue invoices, inspection and accounting of cost invoices, including corrective documents.
Personnel agenda for drivers, including document validity records, attendance records and driver evaluation.
Fleet park
Complete fleet register, including monitoring the validity of insurance, service and certification, recording of accidents.
Vehicle operation records
Record of actual shipment (STAZ), vehicle status, including fuel consumption records and driver expenses.
Subsistence allowance and wages
Processing documentation for subsistence allowance and wages based on realized transport, records of deductions and rewards.
Creating servicing plans, planning and records of servicing performed, spare part records.
Mobile application
Bi-directional communication of the dispatcher with the driver, on-line data collection by the driver during transport, creating electronic STAZ.
Continuous evaluation of the company activities in the form of a series of dynamic overviews and reports, with the possibility of using data warehouses.
Web portal
Web extension for taking customer orders and their track & trace.