The OLTIS Group forwarding information system is a sophisticated solution for road, rail or collection service companies. The system is characterized by complexity, flexibility and a high degree of automation. One of its benefits is for example detailed information from individual rail freight areas in Europe and Asia. System openness allows for easy system integration with in-house and customer systems, which greatly enhances the benefits of the entire solution.

Overview of Topics Addressed
Business case
Recording inquiries, creating offers using supplier pricelists, recording customer and supplier contracts.
Recording and tracking the status of customer orders and shipping orders made manually, by import, or via the web.
Planning, transport logs and advice, with subsequent monitoring of the implementation status, creating transport documents, calculating the length of the path.
Pricelist and calculations
Administration of supplier and customer tariffs, automatic calculation, calculation of the transportation cost according to the operators' tariff.
Issuing simple and collecting revenue invoices, inspection and recording of cost invoices, including corrective documents and advance invoices.
On-line solution for loading, unloading and transhipping of shipments using barcodes, QR codes or RFID, stock inventory.
Code list
Product lists (NHM, RID, ADR, ETSNG), station lists (DIUM, ENEE, TR-4), line category, catalogues of wagons and containers.
Railway infrastrukture
Technical parameters of route sections, railway routing, calculation of distances, calculation of tariff distances according to DIUM, TR-4.
Shipment Tracking
A comprehensive solution for shipments tracking via satellite communication units. There are purely battery-powered satellite units with high capacity batteries and easy attachment to the tracked shipment with powerful magnets. The solution includes a specialized web application which has been primarily developed for railway use and it can be extended to data transfer to other information systems and applications.
Web Service
Web services make lists of goods, station information, calculation of tariff distances, and railway routing available for other IS.
Mobile application
Electronic bill of lading for on-line data collection by the driver during transportation, creating damage records with photographic documentation.
Continuous evaluation of company activities and economy of orders in the form of dynamic overviews and reports, with the possibility of using data warehouses.
Web portal
Web extension for acquiring data about shipments realized by the customer and their track & trace.