Our information systems offer complex solutions for both small and large railway undertakings such as process support from long-term planning, evaluating business cases, operational management, monitoring to transportation progress assessing performed tasks with the goal of efficient process management and cost optimization. The solution includes ensuring standardised data communication between infrastructure managers and other partners in processes and activities of operational planning and management. The solution offers the railway undertakings an increase in efficiency of internal processes better fleet use, traction vehicles use, and an increase in driver productivity. Our solution allows easy system integration in the environment of a freight railway undertaking.

Overview of Topics Addressed
Logging and monitoring the state of customer demands on transport. Acquired by import, manually, or through a web portal.
Long-term and short-term planning of use of vehicles, personnel, and train paths for individual runs, shift orders or circulations, using an intuitive environment and map basis for the whole Europe.
Dispatching management
Specialised tools for the process of dispatching management and resources of a railway undertaking (including communication with an IM) used in it.
Traction and non-traction vehicles
Record of technical, operational, and economical data related to operation of vehicles. Planning and logging of periodic check, maintenance, and repairs.
Tracking railway wagons and locomotives
A comprehensive solution for tracking trains, locomotives, passenger and freight rail wagons via satellite communication units. This solution includes a specialized web application which has been primarily developed for railway use and it can be extended to data transfer to other information systems and applications.
Mobile application
Bi-directional communication of a dispatcher and a driver. Real-time collecting of data about attendance, work performance, and other activities Real-time document handover. Real-time collecting of data about processes in marshalling yards.
Personnel record, including line knowledge, medical exams, and expertise exams.
Planning staffing, including adhering to specific conditions from the employer.
Producing documents for salaries.
Data interfaces
Communication between individual actors via standardised interfaces, which fulfil requirements of TAF TSI and/or other standards.
Continuous evaluation of completed transportations by the means of several
dynamic overviews and reports with optional use of data warehouses.
Calculation and publishing of invoices, checks and logging of received invoices,
including corrective documents.
Single wagon loads
Making a system of dealing with requests for single wagon loads and planning its use. Data for calculating costs of the single wagon load system.
Cost calculation per business case, preparation and documenting of contracts, planning of transport volume, purchasing of services, contracts related to sidings.
Wagon loading
Electronic form of regulations and examples concerning loading of railway wagons.