The OLTIS Group WMS (Warehouse Management System) offers a comprehensive solution for managed warehouses, especially in logistics and distribution. It is a sophisticated system with a high degree of optimization and automation, Overview of topics addressed which results in stronger efficiency of warehouse processes, better utilization of storage space, mechanization and human resources. With its openness and flexibility, the system allows an easy system integration in logistics companies. 

Overview of Topics Addressed
Admission of goods
Inventory control and labelling, inventory strategies to optimize warehousing, inventory damage records.
Goods dispensing
Dispensing strategies to optimize post-inventory movement, checking, assembling, and labelling goods on dispensing.
Planning and realization of pallet and goods transfers, completion of picking positions, assembly and disassembly of goods.
Multi-stage warehouse inventory in relation to locations, batch, expiration, including floating inventory capabilities.
Warehouse management
A real-time overview of warehouse employee performance and the status of processing tasks at the warehouse, with the option of changing priorities.
Warehouse map
Graphic setting of basic warehouse parameters, display of degree of occupancy of positions for goods, Drag & Drop movement planning.
Stock cards
Records of goods parameters, including sales sets, overview of the current stock status and history of movements.
Pricelist and calculations
Subscriber tariff management, automated warehousing and logistics services.
Time windows
Smooth driver check-in in the warehouse, without unnecessary waiting of the driver for loading and unloading, efficient use of warehouse resources.
Mobile terminals
Comprehensive on-line solution for managing and recording all warehouse processes using barcodes, QR codes or RFID.
Continuous evaluation of warehouse activities in the form of a series of dynamic overviews and reports, with the possibility of using data warehouses.
Web portal
Acquisition of purchase and sales orders by the customer with the possibility of monitoring their status of processing and the status of warehouse stock.