The OLTIS Group information system offers a comprehensive solution for factory transport and logistics. It is designed primarily for manufacturing companies that need to streamline both internal and external logistics processes, especially in terms of raw materials import and product dispatching by rail and road. Of course, there is the openness and flexibility of the system that allows an easy system integration with both internal systems and operators’ systems. 

Overview of Topics Addressed
Recording, planning and tracking of incoming and outgoing shipments, including their economic evaluation.
Planning and recording loading and unloading of goods in a plant, with a link to filling equipment, electronic scales or ERP systems.
Support for the preparation and production of shipping documents (bill of lading, invoices, delivery notes, certificates, etc.), tender procedures for operators.
Catalog of locomotives and wagons
Records of technical, operational and economic data of the rolling stock and its facilities, records and planning of inspections and repairs.
System integration
Full data exchange with ERP systems, integration with electronic rail and road scales and fillers, interfaces to operator and forwarder systems.
Operational control of a siding
Handover of wagons between operator and siding, planning and recording traffic on a railway siding.
Supports planning and control of entry and exit to the plant using priority queues and time windows.
Issuing of simple and collective revenue invoices, inspection and accounting of cost invoices, including corrective documents.
Continuous evaluation of the company activities in the form of a series of dynamic overviews and reports, with the possibility of using data warehouses.