The OLTIS Group information system offers a comprehensive solution for container terminals. Its focus is primarily on national operators who can also use the transport planning function. It is a flexible, open system with a high proportion of automated functions that supports the work with containers and semi-trailers. The system’s openness and flexibility allow for easy system integration.

Overview of Topics Addressed
Order notification
Recording and tracking the status of orders made by importing or manually, tracking Gate IN and Gate OUT containers at the terminal (CODECO).
Planning individual types of transport, creating transport documents, with subsequent monitoring of implementation statuses.
Planning container movement by the Drag & Drop method, confirmation of movement by the machinist, and tracking movement history.
Terminal control
A real-time overview of employee performance and the status of processing tasks at the terminal, with the option of changing priorities.
Map of the terminal
Graphical setting of basic terminal parameters, setting conditions and criteria for storing containers on the terminal surface.
Container cards
Recording basic container data, information about its current location on the terminal, status history, damage record, etc.
Pricelists and calculations
Management of supplier and customer-specific tariffs, automated calculations.
Time windows
Smooth driver check-in on the terminal, without unnecessary waiting of the driver for loading and unloading, efficient use of terminal resources.
Car parking service
Managing car access to the terminal via gates, kiosks, display panels and camera systems support.
Mobile terminals
Comprehensive on-line solution for managing and recording all processes at the terminal, including train and car handling at the gate.
Continuous evaluation of the terminal's activities in the form of a series of dynamic overviews and reports, with the possibility of using data warehouses.
Web portal
Web extension for acquiring information about planned transportation, track & trace for orders.