IT Systems for



Infrastructure Managers

Railway Infrastructure Manager

  • Railway route capacity ordering and selling
  • Dispatching control
  • Electronic traffic documentation
  • Registering and route preparation for the exceptional consignments


Railway Operators

Freight Transport

  • Optimized planning of the marshalling processes
  • Dispatching control
  • Optimized dispatching control of the wagon circulation
  • European Rail Information Centre
  • System of Intelligent monitoring of rail vehicles
  • Digital railway map of Europe and Asia


Passenger Transport

  • Automated planning of the rolling stock and crew circulations
  • Audio-visual information system
  • Integrated electronic timetable
  • Sales and reservation ticketing system


Logistics and Forwarding

TRANSPORT – road, railway, industry

FORWARDING – road, railway, sea, air


  • IT System for railway forwarders and carriers
  • IT System of transport and logistics
  • IT System for freight and passenger road carriers
  • System for feeder service, road, air and sea transport
  • Controlling and management of logistics, production or commercial warehouses
  • Extensions – web portals, mobile technology, data warehousing
  • Successful implementation for the national carriers