Research and Innovations

 European projects of research and innovation

X4ITSX4ITS (CEF-T-2022-SIMOBGEN) [2023–2027]
Central European cross-border cooperation for ITS

EDFSDMMS (EDF-2021-PROTMOB-D-DMM-2) [2022–2025]
Secure Digital Military Mobility System
Trans4M-RFP5 – TRANS4M-R (HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA5-01) [2022–2026]
Transforming Europe’s Rail Freight

IP4MaaSIP4MaaS (S2R-OC-IP4-01-2020) [2020–2023]
Shift2Rail IP4 to support the deployment of Mobility as a Service

OPTIMA OPTIMA (S2R-OC-IP2-02-2019) [2019–2023]
Communication Platform for Traffic Management Demonstrator
Ride2Rail Ride2Rail (S2R-OC-IP4-01-2019) [2019–2022]
Travel Companel Companion enhancements and RIDE-sharing services synchronised to RAIL and Public Transport
Shift2Maas Shift2MaaS (S2R-OC-IP4-02-2018) [2018–2020]
Shift2Rail IP4 enabling Mobility as a Service and seamless passenger experience
SPRINT SPRINT (S2R-OC-IP4-01-2018) [2018–2020]
Semantics for performant and scalable interoperability of multimodal transport
ASSETS4RAIL Assets4Rail (S2R-OC-IP3-01-2018 ) [2018–2021]
Measuring, monitoring and data handling for railway assets; bridges, tunnels, tracks and safety system

OptiYard OPTIYARD (S2R-OC-IP5-01-2017) [2017–2019]
Optimized Real-Time Yard and Network Management
GoF4R GOF4R (S2R-OC-IP4-01-2016) [2016–2018]
Governance of the Interoperability Framework for Rail and Intermodal Mobility

ST4RT ST4RT (S2R-OC-IP4-02-2016) [2016–2018]
Semantic Transformations for Rail Transportation

VITE VITE (S2R-OC-IP2-02-2016) [2016–2018]
Virtualisation of the Testing Environment

IT2Rail IT2Rail (MG-2.2-2014) [2015–2017]
Information Technologies for Shift2Rail
Seventh Framework Programme
CAPACITY4RAIL CAPACITY4RAIL (Seventh Framework Programme, 6th Call) [2013–2017]
The project aims at development of new railway technologies
for enhancing railway capacity till 2050
MERLIN MERLIN (Seventh Framework Programme, 5th Call) [2012–2015]
The project focused on energy efficiency targeting at a 10% reduction in energy consumption
D-RAIL D-RAIL (Seventh Framework Programme, 4th Call) [2011–2014]
The project is focused on prevention in derailment in rail freight operation

TACR projects

AISTARCL01000180 Use of Artificial Intelligence in Support of Dispatcher Control of Rail Freight Transport (AISTAR)
This project is co-financed from the state budget by the Technology agency of the Czech Republic under the Progamme TRANSPORT 2030.

 EUREKA projects

TIARALUE231023 TIARA [2024–2026]
Intelligent Rail freight Wagon
ELECTRAE!13626 ELECTRA [2021–2023]
Electronic Consignment Note for Combined Transport and Forwarding
MoP4RailE!13629 MoP4Rail [2021–2023]
Mobile platform for rail transports
VATRAE!13229 VATRA [2019–2022]
Research and development of the system for ensuring the transparency and traceability of data in transport of goods by rail
RailCOpE!12223 RailCOp [2018–2021]
Operator of Rail Wagon Consignments
OPTILOADE! 11159 OPTILOAD [2017–2020]
Optimisation of loading of oversized goods and special equipment on open railway wagons
ERIC MobileE! 11156 ERIC Mobile [2017–2020]
European rail information centre in freight transport for end-users on mobile platforms
EDMONDE! 9173 EDMOND [2015–2018]
Electronic transport data services for monitoring of dangerous goods
INNOLOGIE! 7663 INNOLOGI [2014–2016]
Innovative Logistics
TREXE! 7624 TREX [2014–2017]
Development of IT support for exceptional railway transports, broad gauge and TSI implementation
LOADFIXE! 6726 LOADFIX [2013–2016]
Development of the software web application for loading and fixing goods in railway freight wagons
REAL-BRIDGEE! 6725 REAL-BRIDGE [2012–2015]
Railway Euro-Asian Land Bridge Data Base System (Info Support of CIM/SMGS Transports)
LOGI-GATEE! 5025 LOGI-GATE [2010–2012]
RFID reader gate for railway rolling stock, road vehicles and storage mechanisms
EIMISE! 4509 EIMIS [2010–2012]
European inter-modal information system
European railway infrastructure network
D-RailE! 3579 NARVIK [2006–2008]
European rail cargo portal
Electronic railway map of Europe [Awarded as the best]
The projects were supported under the INTER-EXCELLENCE II program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

 Structural funds

The Logistics Web Portal of OLTIS Group Company
The project is co-funded by the European Union [2021-2023]
The aim of the project is to strengthen the cyber security of OLTIS Group company as well as the upgrade of development processes and IT infrastructure in order to modernize the services provided to clients in the field of logistics.
NEW MOBILITY – High-Speed Transport Systems and Transport-Related Human Behaviour
The project is co-funded by the European Union [2018-2022]
The objective of the project is to intensify intersectoral and interdisciplinary cooperation in the framework of research into changes in the mobility behaviour of the population within the context of the development of high-speed railways in the Czech Republic.
Cooperation in Applied Research between the University of Pardubice and companies, in the Field of Positioning, Detection and Simulation Technology for Transport Systems (PosiTrans)
The project is co-funded by the European Union [2018-2022]
The aim of the project is to strengthen and develop cooperation between the sectors of the research organization and the application sphere in the Hradec-Pardubice agglomeration in the fields of electrical engineering, informatics and transport systems.
Network Modeling of Operations in Railway Transport
The project is co-funded by the European Union [2015-2018]
The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive information system for the support of railway passenger transport operators in the creation of their offer.