On April 21 and 22, 2016, managerial workshop WarehouseLAB 12.0 – Computerization and automation of storage processes – took place in Lubon near Poznan. OLTIS Poland was a partner of the event.

The idea of WarehouseLab was to ensure the opportunity for direct contact of people responsible for the company’s warehouse logistics with analysts, suppliers of IT systems and those responsible for their implementation.

The first day of the workshop was dedicated to plenary sessions. Piotr Klimek, commercial director of OLTIS Poland, and Marcin Cyronek, chairman of LS Logistics, gave a presentation with the title “Deployment and operation of WMS/TMS by OLTIS in LS Logistics.”

The second day of the workshop was filled with meetings in smaller groups. Our group, accompanied by Radim Vala and Vladimir Šafránek, our colleagues from CID International, was leading four hour workshops designed for groups of 10, during which it presented the most important functionalities of the WMS LOGI system and answered questions about the system, its functionalities and experience of LS logistics, where the system was implemented a year ago.

The workshop was an opportunity for us to meet with representatives of companies that are currently considering deploying new or changing their current WMS system. Since a lot of questions pertained to specific cases, WarehouseLab was a great opportunity to learn about the current market demand for storage systems.


Photo Tomasz Siuda, 4Content.


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