The relay running race SNĚŽKA – PRAGUE took place during the weekend of 25 – 26 June 2016. A group of 3-7 runners had to face a day and night continuous relay run of 197km from Obří důl pod Sněžkou to Prague’s Troja.The entire route with the elevation of 2083 m ascent / descent 2951 m, was divided into 20 sections. Each of seven-member team run three approximately ten kilometres stretches.

The seven-member OLTIS Group team formed also by two women and with an average age of 44 years, started from Obří důl pod Sněžkou on Saturday at 6:30pm and finished their run to Prague on Sunday shortly before 11am. The OLTIS Group team occupied an excellent 7th place out of 26 participating teams with its final time of 16 hours and 21 minutes and average time of 5:03 min per 1 km. Moreover this team won the third place and bronze medals in the relay race in the mixed (men and women) category!


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