CID International Company organized an individual’s golf tournament CID Golf Cup for its friends and business partners on Thursday, 21 July 2016.

Venue: Park Golf Club Ostrava, Dolní 412, Šilheřovice

This tournament was part of the third year’s GOLF RAIL IT TOUR 2016 and simultaneously the third tournament of this year’s golf tour.


Category Bronze – Common HCP 34,1 – 54
1. Jan Jakeš (private person)
2. Petr Sedláček (S&G safe grow s.r.o)
3. Lucie Jirků (private person) 

Category Silver – Common HCP 22,6 – 34
1.  Martin Hapl (Rankenen a.s.)
2. Milan Šubrt (Josef Mička)
3. Štefan Mestický (Oltis Group)

Category Gold – Common HCP +9 – 22,5
1. Jan Holeš (Rankenen a.s.)
2. Tereza Hoffmannová (ALMA Consulting Group Česká republika, s.r.o.)
3. Luděk Telecký (TECHNISERV IT, spol. s.r.o.) 

Longest drive MEN
1. Jakub Szurlej (Schavemaker Invest Sp. z o.o.)
2. Marek Ambrus (LOKO TRANS Slovakia, s.r.o.)
3. Petr Baroch (České dráhy a.s.)

Longest drive WOMEN
1. Leona Žáková (private person)
2. Tereza Hoffmannová (ALMA Consulting Group Česká republika, s.r.o.)
3. Tereza Skládanková (TECHNISERV IT, spol. s.r.o.)

Nearest to the pin – Miroslav Waleczek (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o.) –  1,35 m

Overall results of the Gold Rail IT Tour
1. Luděk Telecký (TECHNISERV IT, spol. s.r.o.)
2. Jiří Nepustil (INDI s.r.o.)
3. Marek Lošťák (ORBI TRANS s.r.o.)


We would like to thank all competitors for their active participation and we look forward to our next meeting at other events organized by associated companies within the OLTIS Group.


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