The International Rail and Intermodal Congress is the largest and unique conference attended by representatives from the world of politics, governments, science, business and industry, as well as experts from the rail and intermodal sector.

During this year’s edition 6.–8. 3. 2024, the invited experts will assess the current situation and prospects for the development of rail and intermodal transport in Poland. The congress agenda includes a number of important topics from the market and economic point of view as well as the current international situation.


Railway Block:

  • Governance and management of rail transport
  • Financing and development of railways
  • Infrastructure and investments
  • Marketing of passenger and freight transport

Intermodal block:

  • Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea – new markets and routes for intermodal transport and seaports
  • Modal shift from declaration to implementation – technological, infrastructural and financial perspectives
  • Roadmap for the next years – investment needs of the intermodal industry in the new EU financial perspective
  • Technology development and digitalization in intermodal transport

Both blocks of the congress include interesting lectures, debates and workshops that can only be experienced in our country. The unique venue and the selected group of participants make this a memorable and beneficial industry meeting.

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