JERID Polska, the daughter company of OLTIS Group, was accepted as the 117th member to the Polish Chamber of Railway Devices and Services.

The handover ceremony of the member memorial plate was held at IX. Conference „Telekomunikacja i informatyka na Kolei” in Szczyrk on 20 February 2012. The plate was accepted by Tomáš Kroča from the hands of the director of the Chamber – Adam Musiał.

The Chamber was established in 1999 and is based in Bydgoszczy. The basic objective of the Chamber is to represent and protect the interests of its members, as well as to inspire and support the development of the railway transport in Poland.

The membership in the Chamber means among others:
1. The use of privilege conditions offered to the members of the Chamber by its other partners
2. The opportunity to participate in exhibitions in joint stands during the major European railway fairs
3. The use of market analyses, consultations and counselling for companies
4. The possibility to exchange information among the members
5. The opportunity to participate in projects organized by the Chamber – conferences, workshops, exhibition