The 6th year of the technical conference Logistika 2012 was held in the hotel Gate One, Bratislava, on 2nd February 2012. The conference brought the modern view of the interconnection of logistics, transport and storage; and it offered the opportunity for meeting of logistics managers, the top management of transport, logistics and forwarding companies and the representatives of the retail chains.

The conference program had two main objectives, to present the modern technology for storage (including mobile terminals, telematics solutions, methods Pick by Voice etc.), with the emphasis on particular studies in well known companies such as Volkswagen, Tesco Stores or Rossmann. The other group was mainly represented by contributions from the field of transport and logistics, particularly combined transport (container), which is the spinal cord of the global trade as well as the most perspective segment for European railways.
The representatives of OLTIS Group and OLTIS Slovakia participated also in the event and the company OLTIS Slovakia became an official partner of the event with the expert speech on the topic “The development of logistics centers and the acceleration of its potentials with the support of ICT”.
The participation of our representatives brought not only new findings, opinions and view on current development on the market of logistics and information technologies, but also a lot of new contacts for the future business and professional cooperation. The insights from the practice and the case studies not only from logistics and storage but also from combined transport were very valuable as well.