The second year of the conference and exhibition “Siding of the 3rd Millennium – Modern technology in the management of railway sidings” was held in the hotel “Muflon” in Ustroń, Poland on  18 – 20 January 2012.

The Polish Chamber of Manufacturers, Equipment and Services for the Railways was the organizer of the conference. For the second time the partners were: První Signální, OLTIS Group, JERID Polska, Sudop Polska, Graw and PKP Cargo Service. This year joined also: KZA, Jastrzębska Spółka Kolejowa and Neel.

This year again the event was held under the auspices of the ambassador of the Czech Republic in Poland – Jan Schechter who in the beginning of the conference wished all the participants an early end of the economic crisis and expressed hope that the event will positively influence business contacts of the railway market of both countries. The aim of the conference was the exchange of experience in the managment of railway siding.

The presentations and discussions were devoted to sidings in the railway infrastructure. The guests could have heard presentations on the topics of complex information management of siding (Tomáš Kroča, JERID Polska), measurement and diagnostics (J. Grabczyk, GRAW) and innovative elements in signaling technique (S. Zařecký, První Signální). The options for obtaining subsidies from EU funds for these projects (A. Trefon) and also other types of financing – leasing (A. Eichler, Millenium Leasing) were presented too. Cracow automatics enterprises presented Innovative system of signaling at junctions and crossings (DySOnaPP); (A. Wiśniewski) and K. Klímšová (Sudop Polska) reported on the achievements of the company in design of railway line with the emphasis on the siding. M. Stolarski (Neel) presented a traction electro energetic device for the sidings and industrial rails and F. Kostrzewa (PKP Cargo Service) spoke about the changes in their company. The guests could admire the biggest infrastructure project which was realized in Pomeranian Voivodeship – Track Metropolitarna (T. Konopacki).

The conference was supported by experts from the Silesian University of Technology – prof. Jerzy Mikulski and employees of the Railway Institute.

The media patron of the conference was “Infrastruktura Transportu” Transport Infrastructure.

Below we publish acknowledgements of the companies, which prove that the participants were satisfied with the conference.

“Thank you for your past and this year’s invitation. Also thank you for the professional preparation and run of the conference. I hope that according to the increased interest in the discussed topics, which was proved by the number of participants at the recently ended conference, you will continue to pursue this idea. I send warm regards to everyone who spent time, energy and resources.”

Marek Szymkowiak Kompania Weglowa SA


“I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the conference Siding of the 3rd Millennium – Modern technology in the management of railway sidings. I offer help and my knowledge in the issues of management and operation of railway sidings!”

Andrzej Rossa, CTL Chemkol Sp. z o. o


“Thank you for pleasant atmosphere, wonderful company and professional organization.”

Krystian Goszyc, Jastrzębska Spółka Kolejowa


“Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the second conference Siding of the 3rd Millenium in Ustron (18-20. January 2012). Especially we would like to thank and congratulate the organizers of the conference for a great choice of speakers and for the preparation of accompanying program.

Zbigniew Kalamat, ArcelorMittal Poland SA