The traditional Christmas meeting of the OLTIS Group employees with their business partners and friends was held on 6 December 2016. The event took place at the bowling centre BNC Bratislava; part of the meeting was a popular bowling tournament with interesting prizes.

The atmosphere of the whole evening was friendly and sporty with most of the participants fighting with full dedication for the best possible placement in the tournament. These bowling enthusiasts finally stood on the imaginary podium:

Overall ranking WOMEN:

  1. Lubica Kusiková 131b. (private person)
  2. Katarína Petríková 130b. (ZSSK)
  3. Eva Filipová 121b. (QUADRA SK)

Overall ranking MEN:

  1. Zdeno Kubár 165b. (ŽELEZIARNE Podbrezová)
  2. Ján Árvai 157b. (ZSSK)
  3. Peter Ihnát (ZSSK Cargo)


Bowler-woman: Darina Niezgodská (ŽSR)
Bowler-man: Gabriel Sikorský (ZSSK Cargo)


Highest score women: Eva Filipová 149b. (QUADRA SK)
Highest score men: Zdeno Kubár 165b. (ŽELEZIARNE Podbrezová)