The EUREKA project EIMIS – European Inter-Modal Information System” has been nominated for the Eureka Innovation Award 2016/2017, which is organized by the Spanish Chair in collaboration with the ESE and the support of the Troika NPCs (SE, ES and FI).

The project was coordinated by the JERID company in 2010-2012 in close cooperation with two foreign project partners, Krakow University of Technology (Poland) and Bimar Information technology Services (Turkey).

The project EIMIS should be considered for the category “Innovators of Tomorrow” as the partners have successfully implemented a promising new and disruptive technology with a clear benefit for the customers compared to existing solutions. The aim of this project was to significantly help all stakeholders in inter-modal transportation (shippers, operators, forwarders etc.) in huge lack of information on inter-modal transport. All the planned tasks of the project were successfully implemented and now the results run as the software products for many satisfied customers in 24 European countries.