The Association of Freight Carriers of the Czech Republic, ŽESNAD.CZ, will organize an annual conference, which will take place in Špindlerův Mlýn, May 23 – 24, 2019. OLTIS Group has the honour to be one of its partners.

The Association of Railway Freight Carriers of the Czech Republic, ŽESNAD.CZ, is an effective and specialized association. It aims to contribute to the development of rail transport in the Czech Republic. Last conference in May 2018, ŽESNAD.CZ already had 21 members and 7 working groups. In autumn 2018, Lokotrain entered ŽESNAD.CZ, and for the first time, the ERMEWA organization joined this association, being rather a company than a carrier who operates and rents cars.

The aim of ŽESNAD.CZ is to firstly, become a partner to state authorities in the field of rail freight transport, including professional expertise and secondly, to become an active promoter of legitimate demands of carriers in the development of rail freight transport.