The monitoring days of projects solved within the INTER-EUREKA sub-program were organized on April 9-23, 2019 and were held in the OLTIS Group’s premises in Olomouc. The monitoring days take place if the total duration of the project exceeds 2 years, and if the project is roughly in the mid-term of its realization phase.
The monitoring days focused on three projects, which realization were launched in 2017:
• ERIC Mobile –European Rail Information Centre in Freight Transport for End-users on Mobile Platforms
• EPLOS – European Portal of Logistics Services
• OPTILOAD – Optimization of Loading of Oversized Goods and Special Equipment on Open Railway Wagons

The monitoring days were attended by the Project Rapporteur, member of the expert advisory body of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Chairman of the Monitoring Committee, members of the monitoring group and opponents, as well as the coordinators and partners of the projects.

On the basis of the submitted interim report and the opponents’ review, the Monitoring Committee assessed the ongoing status of the realization phase as successful in all projects. In addition, a further approach to project management and the use of planned funds was also assessed.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved for the detailed preparation, both organizational and administrative, including the groundwork of all required written documents that were discussed during the monitoring.