On 4 June 2020, City of Olomouc delegation, which included Mayor Mgr. Miroslav Žbánek, MPA, Deputy Mayor Mgr. Matouš Pelikán, Head of the Strategy and Management Department Ing. Zdeněk Bogoč, Ing. Martin Luňáček from the same department was also present. Furthermore, Head of the Strategic Development Department Mgr. Dušan Struna and for the Department of Media Communication, Promotion and Marketing Mgr. Michal Folta were attending. The visit was also joined by the Chairman of the Board of Directors on behalf of the District Chamber of Commerce Bc. Vlastimil Navrátil, MBA. The visitors at the company’s Head Office were welcomed by the company’s Statutory Director Ing. Štefan Mestický, Ing. Miroslav Fukan Executive Director, Director of the Control Systems Division Ing. Jaroslav Kober and Marketing Director RNDr. Stanislav Koutný. The subject matter and objective of the visit was the interest of the management of the City of Olomouc and DCC in getting closer acquaintance of OLTIS Group, which indeed is one of the major Olomouc companies. The visitors were made familiar with OLTIS Group history and focus, which predominantly includes the development of information systems (IS) for transport, forwarding and logistics, associated IT services and carrying out European projects within the research and development of railway transport.
During the guided tour, the visitors viewed our Head Office, looked into the data centre (part of the state’s critical infrastructure) and were acquainted with the 24 hour continuous ServiceDesk activities. They were very interested in everything and discussion on issues related to our activities soon developed. Common agreement was reached at the end of the visit to find meeting point in collaborating on the Smart City project.

We were very pleased with the Mayor’s comment on his FB page “Olomouc company Oltis Group is one of the best technological places of work and not only in domestic environment. The company, which never left its “hometown” despite its great growth, thus provides and manages IT systems for public transport by road and rail, forwarding and logistics in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary from Olomouc. In addition, the company research projects may soon intersect with the Olomouc agenda, namely Smart City. On the other hand, I was introduced to the company, whose Head Office we were invited today with colleagues from the municipal authority, not through their sophisticated management systems, but thanks to their social awareness. The company representatives offered to us in April, that via the means of the City of Olomouc, donation of hundreds of very effective face masks made of special Nano fabric to the health care personnel. And that’s not all – the company helps charities, collaborates with sheltered workshops, supports children’s villages, and contributes to the rehabilitation of the disabled… I do appreciate companies that have social responsibility in addition to the business objectives and business vigour and which care what happens around them, that’s why I was doubly pleased with today’s invitation. 👍”