A total of 430 companies took part in this year’s competition to receive a title of Bike-friendly Employer of the Year 2020 throughout the Czech Republic. A three-point lead of the OLTIS Group Company guaranteed its victory in this category. The criteria, which contributed to the high score were, for example: covered monitored parking spaces for bicycles near the entrance with barrier-free access, showers on the floors, payment of registration fees for the BIKE TO WORK competition and an organization of one’s own internal company competition within this call. Due to the fact that our company obtained more than 64% of points, we even received the European Golden Cycling Employer Certification, which is valid for 3 years!

The Bike-friendly Employer of the Year 2020 Award and the European Golden Bike-friendly Employer Certification are a confirmation for the entire company that it has set out in the right direction with a comprehensive support for this activity. For everyone, it is a signal that the company’s management is interested in meeting the needs of its employees not only in a purely work process, but also in related activities, in regard to for example sports and the environment. Therefore, it is no wonder that we also enjoy our work.

More information and an interview with Ms. Zuzana Novotná, a Company Coordinator, can be found in the article by the official organizer for the event BIKE TO WORK.