Dear customers, ERIC programme users,

Fifteen years have lapsed since the launch of the ERIC programme. Over the years, ERIC has turned into an extensive databank of railway information. At present, you can choose from more than 200 various computer or information modules for purchase. The success of the ERIC programme is also evidenced by the fact that the programme is currently used by 259 companies from 24 European states and the U.S.

Naturally, the entire IT domain has also developed over the 15 years. As you must know, JERID is the official partner of Microsoft. Hence, the ERIC programme is predicated on Microsoft’s programme components. The intervals at which Microsoft launches new versions of its products to the market and, concurrently, discontinues supporting old versions are shorter and shorter. You must have noticed, for example, the recent communication regarding the discontinued support of the operating system Windows XP or, if you also use IS NEWSPED, of the upgraded versions of this system as a result of the discontinued support of certain programme components on which this system is built. The recent discontinuation of support also relates to the programming language FoxPro, which is the cornerstone of the ERIC programme. The support has not yet been discontinued, but the discontinuation can be expected in the near future.

For us to be able to guarantee the future proper functioning and the further development of our databank of railway information, we are made to accommodate our IT technologies. For this reason, we have developed a completely new application called FRED, to which we have transferred most modules from the ERIC programme. The main novelty for users is that this application is a web application, i.e. nothing needs to be installed and it is sufficient to enter the address in the browser and log in through the provided access data. You can use all ERIC/FRED modules on a full-fledged basis from any computer connected to the Internet. An application for mobile devices will be available soon. The use options of the new licence FRED are much broader than in ERIC.

We will transfer your ERIC licence to the FRED application automatically. Our ERIC programme consultant will gradually contact all ERIC users and will agree on the transfer conditions with them. All ERIC licences will be transferred to the FRED application by the end of this ear. The transfer to FRED is not associated with any changes in the flat price of services and updates. The other conditions for the use of the licence and the provision of technical support remain preserved as in the ERIC programme.

Should you be interested in your ERIC licence being transferred to the FRED application as a matter of priority or should you have any questions regarding the planned transfer, do not hesitate to contact the ERIC/FRED consultant Mr. Pavel Rožman ().

The development of the new application has been led by the endeavour to ensure continual access to railway-related data in the future. We are convinced that the new application will benefit all ERIC programme users and will enable them to utilize the purchased data even more.