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Christmas meeting of the OLTIS Group companies in Prague


The 1st Conference of the project “Technology Trends in Road Transport” will take place on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. It will be hosted by OLTIS Group, and will take place in its premises in Olomouc. This conference is organized by the Technology Platform Road Transport Association, of which the OLTIS Group is a member.

The Association deals with the project “Technological Trends in Road Transport”, which builds on two previously and successfully solved projects supported within the OP PI – cooperation – technological platforms, which were solved in 2010-2014. Strategic documents on road transport, including updates, were drawn up during this period. A great deal of support for the platform’s activities is the close cooperation with the European Technology Platform ERTRAC.

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Employee Christmas meeting of the OLTIS Slovakia and OLTIS Group companies in Bratislava


Employee Christmas meeting of the OLTIS Slovakia and OLTIS Group companies in Bratislava
On 6 December 2018, there will be held the traditional Christmas meeting of the OLTIS Group employees with their business partners, friends and supporters.
The event will take place on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 18:00 hours at the bowling centre BNC Bratislava, a part of the meeting will be a popular bowling tournament with interesting prizes. Participation in this event is subject to registration.

OLTIS Group lecture at the conference “LOGISTICS – ECONOMY – PRACTICE 2018”


“Logistics Monitor” the Internet newspaper, prepares VII. international scientific conference LOGISTICS – ECONOMY – PRACTICE 2018, which will be hosted by HIGH SCHOOL OF LOGISTICS in the city of Přerov, on November 28, 2018.

The conference will focus on presenting of knowledge and experience in the area of economics, transport, logistics and building cooperation among universities and research institutions and enterprises from practice.

Mr. Radomír Bača, on behalf of the OLTIS Group Company, will present a lecture on “Effective Management of Road Freight Transport”.


Current requirements for strategic, tactical and operational solutions of logistics systems
Trends in logistics and supply chain management
Methods and tools of logistic decision making, analysis, modeling and design of logistic systems
Measurement of quality and performance of logistics processes, logistic controlling
Information systems and technologies in logistics

Transport infrastructure, integrated transport systems
Progressive traffic management systems, analysis, modeling and optimization of transport systems
Trends in goods identification for logistics systems
Safety and reliability of transport systems
Economy of transport and competitive environment