The OLTIS Group will encourage its employees to ride their bikes to work (not only) in May but also scooters, skateboards, wheelchairs, longboards or simply walk or run. The objective of the BtW competition is to motivate as many company’s employees as possible to use the bicycle or any non-motorized form of transport, including running and walking, as a means of transport all around the city. In general, when people stop daily driving, the physical condition and health of individuals improve leading to a better mood and tighter relations between colleagues. Furthermore, BtW positively inspires participating companies and business groups to help achieve a cleaner air and safer environment in the city. Currently, the marketing department of OLTIS Group prepares an intra-firm competition to win valuable prizes in connection with the “Bike to Work” competition. Oddělení marketingu připravuje v souvislosti s akcí „Do práce na kole“ i vnitrofiremní soutěž o hodnotné ceny.