The twelve-member OLTIS Group team including one women and with the average age of 45 years, participated in the longest relay running race THE RUN SLOVAKIA which took place June 2-4, 2017. The race started on Friday, June 2 in Košice, where the runners in Teplička nad Váhom raced for almost 300 km until Saturday June 3, and the finishing line of the race was on Sunday June 4, in Šamorín. The runners had to overcome a 534 km long route passing through the most beautiful surroundings of Slovakia around the Spiš Castle, the High Tatras, the Kvačianska valley, the Orava Castle, the picturesque Terchova, Rajecké Teplice, Čičmany, Trenčín through Bratislava and to Šamorín. The entire track, which the runners crossed, was over 8,000 meters high and divided into 48 stages. This race was in progress for three days and two nights where, each runner ran approximately eleven kilometers long four stages.

Our team, which was the only international participant in the race, occupied an excellent third place out of 16 starting teams (15 from Slovakia) with its final time of 45 hours and 6 minutes. The final time was achieved in respect to the perfect condition of all our members, accurate preparation of each detail in advance and great organization in Logistics of transfers, transfers and accommodation.

The Run Slovakia is also a great adventure for learning about the beauty of Slovakia, the possibility to relay the marathon, teamwork and to overcome oneself.

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