Article by the colleague, Ing. Petra Juránková, Ph.D., which was published in the proceedings of the international scientific conference “Horizons of Rail Transport 2020”, aims to present MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) both from a general point of view and also from the point of view of its implementation in the environment of international research projects. Specifically, this is the project Shift2MaaS, in which OLTIS Group is the leader of WP3 Operational design of demonstrations and support, within the programme Shift2Rail. In general, Shift2Rail projects are currently developing technologies and tools for Transport Service Providers and travellers that can be used in MaaS applications and should advance the uptake of these new MaaS schemes. In the main part, the article describes the specific content of the project Shift2MaaS, including the pilots solution in all demonstration sites Lisbon, Málaga and Central-East corridor.

OLTIS Group, within the Shift2MaaS project, of which it is a partner, together with KORDIS JMK organizes a pilot in the Czech Republic, which aims to test the developed solution in real operation. This solution is represented by the Travel Companion application. The “On-line pilot” was took place on 19. 4. 2021 with 22 testers. Currently, these testers use this application within their normal journeys in the period 20. 4. – 30. 4. 2021. To the same extent, a pilot is also taking place in Germany. OLTIS Group employees help with the preparation and organization of this pilot.

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