On 17-18 June 2010 OLTIS Group Company held 2nd annual sporting and social event for its business partners and friends OLTIS THREE BALLS CUP 2010. The event was organized in cooperation with companies ARGO TRANS Olomouc and Generálne zastúpenie CD Cargo in Slovakia. The two-day sports “marathon” consisted of a golf tournament, bowling tournament of individuals and tennis tournament of doubles.
The first part of the tournament was a golf tournament “Argo TRANS Golf Cup 2010”, whose general partner and main organizer was the company ARGO TRANS Olomouc. About 50 favourers of golf met on the golf course in Véska near Dolany. The winner of the flag tournament became Mr. Josef Hurych from the Company Koventa Česká Třebová.

Sports and social evening was held in Bowland and Gastroland in Olomouc, where the bowling tournament of individuals was held. The main patron of the event was the OLTIS Group Company. The tournament was played in two categories – men and women. Tournament was attended by 80 contestants, 67 men and 13 women. Ms. Michaela Tinklová (OLTIS Group) became the winner of the women’s bowling tournament and Mr. Miloš Jakeš (ČD Cargo) won the bowling tournament of men.

On Friday morning then the tournament of tennis doubles “Memorial of Jiří Vencl – VENCL Cup” was organized for tennis enthusiasts. The tournament was held under the auspices of Mr. Jiří Vencl (Generálne zastúpenie ČD Cargo in Slovakia) on the tennis courts in Véska near Dolany. The event was attended by 23 pairs of players. In the final match the pair Imrich Sloboda (Železničná spoločnosť Cargo SVK) and Stanislav Koutný (OLTIS Group), who went throughout the tournament without being defeated, won the tournament.

At the end of the “tennis battle” the results of the tennis tournament as well as the overall results were announced. The total results of all three disciplines golf/bowling/tennis in OLTIS THREE BALLS CUP 2010 were given by the sum of points in each discipline. The most successful female of the tournament, Ms. Daniela Kliková (ČD Cargo), was also awarded.

Overall ranking of OLTIS THREE BALLS Cup 2010
1st Stanislav Bradáč (ČD Cargo) 2nd Štefan Mestický (OLTIS Group) 3rd Jozef Benko (Železničná spoločnosť Cargo SVK)

We would like to thank to the above mentioned companies for their involvement in the organization of OLTIS THREE BALLS CUP 2010. We firmly believe the next year will work out as well as this one.