On 22 and 23 April 2018, the WAREHOUSELAB workshop on the subject of “Informatization and automation of warehouse processes” will take place in Łódź. The idea behind the WAREHOUSELAB workshop is the facilitation of direct business contact between the decision makers responsible for warehouse logistics and the designers, implementers and suppliers of IT systems engaged in this field.
OLTIS Polska is proud to be a partner of this workshop for the very first time.

The workshop shall cover the following:
• Operating systems available on the market and used in Polish warehouses – technological review
• Key factors that determine the need to implement information systems and automated solutions in a particular company
• How to identify the main issues that can be addressed by implementing IS? Analytical path in the most important steps
• Is each system customizable for any company? How do you design custom-made systems?
• Do systems and technologies track users’ needs, restrict them or create them?
• We want to implement the system – what are the obstacles that await us and how to deal with them?
• How to conduct the implementation? What is the level of involvement of the implementers, what company is the client, and how does this affect the normal functioning of the company?
• Benefits of IT systems and automation technologies in different businesses and industries – objective and inspirational case studies.
• When to integrate systems and when to replace with new ones? Can this operation cause harm to the site or benefit it?
• Can the system “grow” with emerging business needs?
• Measurable calculation of investments in warehouse automation solutions – i.e. balancing profit and loss.
• Possible and the most beneficial funding – can everyone afford an IT system?