We are very pleased that we have been supporting „Sindbad“, a family house of temporary stay in Ustroń for 2 years. Through this cooperation we can help children who have been confronted with very difficult living conditions since the very beginning of their life, and thus contribute to make their lives a little bit better.

There can be nothing worse than a look at a sad, crying, helpless and unfortunate child who can not do anything without the help of a second person. The support can be provided only by an adult who becomes a sole mate at a given moment.

The fact that we have deserved to be called sole mates of these children is the greatest honor for us and because of this we can also smile proudly J

We wish you all the best in your lives!

Employees of OLTIS Polska


Association SOS Dětské vesničky (Children´s homes)

 „SINDBAD” Family house of temporary stay in Ustroń

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