Among the expert meetings organized by the University of Pardubice the Intermodal Conference is also included. This year, the thirteenth annual conference with the main topic “Trends of Intermodality in Europe” was held on the 27th April 2010. Mr. David Krásenský, who represented the OLTIS Group Company, presented the post titled “Prospects for the development of intermodal terminals in Brno and Lovosice in the framework of SoNorA project.

The participants of the conference included representatives of logistics operators and the professional staff of the Czech and Slovak Ministry of Transport.

The contributions covered the specific successful projects of container trains and also very interesting views on intermodal transport and its position in the transport market. Participants solved practical issues of a particular terminal operations, as well as prospects and investment plans for its further development. Representatives of both ministries of transport then pointed to the importance of inter-modal transport infrastructure nationally and in Europe, the trends in volume of traffic and also on issues of financial state support in this area.

The conference significantly enriched our company in dealing with new projects in the field of combined and intermodal transport.