Director-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) João Aguiar Machado appointed OLTIS Group and its representative Mr Petr Kroča, Director Research and Innovation, as member to the “Digital Transport and Logistics Forum“, to assist the European Commission to foster further digitalisation of freight transport and logistics.

This appointment is valid for three years.

The Commission has decided to set up a Forum on Digital Transport and Logistics (DTLF) by the Decision C(2015) 2259 of 9 April 2015. The DTLF’s field of application will be focused on freight transport and logistics, taking into account interactions with traffic management systems.

The Forum will provide an opportunity for national administrators, business operators, experts and policy makers to discuss a number of issues, focusing in particular on:

a) Where to act: in which areas are there market failures that would need to be corrected by action at European level?

b) What to do: recommendations for actions at EU level capable of addressing these problems (scope and added-value)

c) How to build on and further develop the numerous existing projects and best practices, disseminating knowledge, as well as going beyond in terms of technical work if and where needed.