In the frame of solving LOGI-GATE project (RFID reader gate development for railway transport) there were performed tests of reading of passive RFID tags Intermec IT67 from 6m distance at speeds higher than 120 km/h.

On August 16th 2011 there were performed  a series of tests of reading antennas Intermec IA 39B and RFID tags IT67 at the research center of Railway Research Institute. The engine used for the tests was Škoda 109E (380 003-4), which had 6 chips attached to it. Repeated and correct reading of all 6 tags with certified speed and quality has been done for the first time at 200 km/h ever since, which is a unique and no doubt significant success of the whole solving team of the project.

You can find the video from the testing session here.

Project LOGI-GATE is an international project supported by EUREKA program. Project team composes of OLTIS Group, GATC (Czech Republic), ABC Consulting (Austria) and University of Zilina (Slovakia).

You can find out more about the LOGI-GATE project on the EUREKA website