In 2022 OLTIS Hungaria Kft. participated as a silver sponsor at the conference Szállítmányozás 2022, which was organized by the NavigátorVilág magazine.

As in previous years, participants were able to see high-quality speeches and presentations. Our colleague, the sales manager of OLTIS Hungaria Kft., Tímea Pőcze, also contributed through her presentation.

In her presentation “Promoting Intermodality with IT Systems”, our colleague was talking about the current market needs, and the company’s KONTI system. She focused on those solutions which are in the current crisis significantly improving working conditions & effectiveness in transport and logistics companies.

The success of the presentation is evidenced by the fact that several participants visited our stand during the event, directly as a result of this presentation. Thanks to this, negotiations have already started on several fronts, and we have established a number of new important relationships.

This event is always very important to us as it provides an opportunity to meet partners and create new relationships. Thanks to the excellent turnout this year was a great success for us.