On 9. December 2021 in Budapest there was held the Forwarding Conference Szállítmányozás 2021. Similar to the previous years on the event there was represented the OLTIS Group as well, by its Hungarian daughter company.

The conference Szállítmányozás 2021 is a key event of the experts & top managers of the railway, road, ship, and flight transport, as well as logistics. Among the planned program of the event there were a round table discussions, where the key persons of the transport areas expressed their experiences & overview to the current challenges. In this year there was a high accent on the harbour development & marine forwarding.

The program of the event was amended with the presentation “Information systems for improving transport competitiveness” of our colleague Mr Zoltán Nagy from OLTIS Hungaria Kft. The presentation focused on such solutions that are in the current crisis situation improving the electivity in the daily processes in the rail transport, and container terminal companies.

The conference finished with a great gala dinner, with a perfect opportunity for informal meetings & business contact build up.