Railway transport from the Polish, Czech and Slovak perspectives, and the Intermodal Forum – the current status and future of transport connecting the railway, marine and road transport. Looking at transport from the point of view of marine and inland terminals, and the technical, managerial, IT and control solutions on offer for the complicated supply-chain linking almost all transportation modes. This was the theme of our 2022 conference, already the eleventh of its kind and held in Wisła on 02-04 March under the title “Railway Systems/Forum Intermodalne”.

This is an event that has a permanent entry in the calendar of TSL professional meetings and meetings of specialists from the field of railway transport inclusive of the Polish, Czech and Slovakian logistics, and it is organised by Oltis Polska and První signální with the co-organisers  as Fundacja ProKolej and IntermodalNews.

On the first day, following the official opening, the plenary part of the conference began with the presentation of the report “Railways for Climate – Climate for Railways”, delivered by Dr. Jakub Majewski, Chairman of Fundacji ProKolej. Subsequently, the debate “Transport in the Green Deal era – opportunities and dangers – risks” took place moderated by Marek Tarczyński, President of Polish Chamber of Transport and Logistics – Izby Transportu i Logistyki.

Subsequently, the meeting was divided into the railway transport part (XI, Railway Systems Conference), during which the infrastructural challenges facing the railway and intermodal transport were discussed, and the second part (II. Intermodal Forum) focused on national – domestic and European tools and intermodal transport problems.

The following day, in the railway transport block, key issues were discussed – tasks related to the financing and competitiveness of railway transport, and the intermodal block, focused on seaports as the key intermodal links in the logistics chain. In the next round, in the part relating to railway transport, the conference focused on the practical aspects of innovation and investment in railway transport and on the safety and resilience of rail systems. In the intermodal part, during the debates, the geopolitical and market conditions of the supply chains were widely discussed especially in the light of the fact that the conference took place right at the very onset Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. In the next discussion, the topic of innovation and digitisation in the context of the competitiveness of balanced freight transport was approached.

The conference ended with a summary – recapitulating the discussion titled: “Mobility package, environmental constraints, geopolitics – challenges for the field of TSL”.

As every year, part of the funds acquired from the conference fees were handed over to the Association of SOS Children’s Villages in Poland – “Sindbad”, family house used for temporary residence in Utronia and to support children arriving from Ukraine. Money was also donated to the rehabilitation of Terezka, girl suffering from cerebral palsy and Helenka with a very rare genetic disease DDX3X syndrome – Down syndrome.

We sincerely thank you all for your participation and you are cordially invited to the next 12th conference.

For more information please visit our conference website.

SK|FI 22 conference organisers