In February 2017, the company JERID, member of the OLTIS Group, participated in “ÖBB Open Innovation Challenge”, a call for proposals declared by the Austrian Railways in the area of rail freight digitization.

Participants submitted their proposals electronically first. Those whose ideas were evaluated by RCG (Rail Cargo Group) as the best, particularly beneficial and innovative, were invited to a public presentation of their solution.

JERID presented its solutions under the name “Independent Monitoring of Railcars” with the participation of members of the Board of Directors of RCG, Dr. Clemens Först, and ÖBB Infrastruktur AG, Ing. Franz Seiser, as well as member of the office of the Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Mag Anna Daimler.

The call for proposals, as declared by the Austrian Railways, was to give the innovators an opportunity to help shape the decisions on what kind of rail transport digitization the Rail Cargo Group shall follow.

During the evening, the finalists had the opportunity to discuss their ideas with each other, and JERID scored success particularly due to its method of calculating the fleet mileage on the basis of assigning monitored geographic coordinates to the own digital railway network and also to a magnetic clamping of sensitive tracking unit under a railcar.

Processing of the presented solution proposals will be followed by an internal evaluation by RCG and the selected participants will be invited to further negotiations.