On 25 November 2015 OLTIS Hungaria organized in Budapest an information day on SHIFT²RAIL with significant support of OLTIS Group, National Innovation Office (NIH) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

SHIFT²RAIL is the first European rail joint technology initiative to seek focused research and innovation and market-driven solutions by accelerating the integration of new and advanced technologies into innovative rail product solutions.  SHIFT²RAIL will promote the competitiveness of the European Rail Industry and will meet the changing EU transport needs. Through the research and innovation carried out within this Horizon 2020 initiative, the necessary technology will be created to complete the Single European Railway Area (SERA).

The event was visited by more than 30 participants from various Hungarian railway industrial companies, research institutions or rail carriers who wanted to know more about the new European initiative for rail research and innovation and the opportunities how to get involved.

NIH representative, Vilmos Németh, introduced what kind of general support can be provided by this organization in the field of railway research and innovation within the Horizon 2020. Participants learnt the basic facts about the joint undertaking SHIFT²RAIL, its importance and benefits not only for the rail sector. They were informed about the technical aspects of SHIFT²RAIL, Strategic Master Plan and Innovation Programmes, possibilities how to become a part of Shift2Rail, deadlines and events that will follow shortly. Details of the SHIFT²RAIL was explained by OLTIS Group Director Research and Innovation Petr Kroča and Project Coordinator Alena Loudová. In the preparatory phase of the Shift2Rail only one Hungarian organization actively participated, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Head of Department, Daniel Rohács, supported by his words participation of other Hungarian companies and organizations in SHIFT²RAIL and share with them their experience from the preparatory phase, what did active participation brought to them and what does it mean for the future. The Hungarian member of State Representatives Group of the SHIFT²RAIL Mr Gergely Gecse from the Ministry of National Development also added a few encouraging words.

The event met with quite great response and we believe that it helped to raise awareness of Hungarian companies of funding opportunities for railway research and development and will be helpful for future participation in the SHIFT²RAIL Joint Undertaking.

We would like to thank all partners for their support during the preparation and the realization of infoday!

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