“Project of TSI-TAF implementation in SŽDC’s information systems” (Railway Infrastructure Administration in the Czech Republic) has started on 12 March 2012. The project team involves companies OLTIS Group, AZD Praha and Institute of Jan Perner.

The basic eliciting element and the umbrella objective of the project is the process of telematic application harmonization in the Czech Republic with the European modification in the area of railway freight transport. The request for harmonization and its technical specification result from EC Regulation 62/2006/ES on the technical specifications for interoperability of the subsystem for telematic applications in the freight transport of the trans-European conventional railway system (hereinafter referred to as „TSI-TAF”). The regulations are obligatory and immediately applicable in each EU member state and with no need of their transposition in the legal system of the member state. The project thus essentially contributes to the implementation of this requested harmonization in the area of railway freight transport in the Czech Republic since the innovation of processes within SŽDC as the infrastructure administrator is crucial at the national level.

Basic general goals are:

* Extension and quality enhancement of traffic on TEN-T railway network * Ensuring the implementation of TSI applications of the European conventional railway system in the railway system of the Czech Republic, thus interconnecting the information and telecommunication systems of the railway network with the neighbouring network and at the same time interconnection within the Czech Republic – between SŽDC as the infrastructure operator and railway undertakings. * Innovation of SŽDC´s information and telecommunication systems to ensure their new functionality is fully in line with the European standards (bringing the Czech railway system close to the level defined by TSI-TAF/adapting parameters to EU standards). * Introduction of an integrated communication channel between infrastructure operators and carriers within the EU. * Standardization of the bonds between infrastructure operators and carriers..

The project is co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport from the Cohesion Fund