The new international research project EUREKA E! 9172 MONET – „Central system for monitoring and evaluating of transport movements“ has been approved in a Public Competition in Research, Development and Innovation (VES15) that was announced by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

The project duration has been set for three years, with launching in 2015 and with a budget of almost 970 thousand euros.

The project will deal with a research and development of central database application and service for data evaluation, alerting and controlling of movements of transport object and vehicles based on data exchange and requirements from different users´ applications, with links to current telematics monitoring solutions.

Data inputs (positions of road trucks, containers or railway wagons or locomotives) provided from external users´ applications will be evaluated, calculated, optimised or compared with data about geo-zones or infrastructure. The result will target specific requirements on status, danger, description of situation or calculation of distance or time.

The aim of the project is to solve the problem of data exchange between different systems with the local range, used by particular carriers. The goal is also to develop a central system to assure security, safety and provide users´ comfort.

OLTIS Group participated in the preparation and administration phase of this project. The main participants are companies CID International and INTENS Corporation (Czech) and two foreign partners: University of Žilina (Slovakia) and Politechnika Krakowska (Poland).