On 17‒18 September 2009 we arranged 1st year of OLTIS THREE BALLS CUP – annual sports games for our customers and associated companies. Sports triathlon consisted of  the following disciplines: golf, bowling and tournament of tennis doubles. The venue was attended by over 100 participants from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Golf tournament was held in a small village Véska near Olomouc and Mr. Josef Hurych from the company Koventa Česká Třebová became its winner.

Bowling tournament together with social evening with a banquet took place in ATLANT bowling centre in Olomouc. Bowling tournament was divided into categories of men and women. After a dramatic match in both categories, Ms. Daniela Kliková from CD Cargo won among women and Mr. Attila Süll from the company NH-Trans was the winner among men.

The second day of the sports tournament, we returned back to Véska, to the sport facility SK Véska with the beautiful tennis courts. Totally 18 pairs enrolled the tennis tournament of doubles. Semi-final fights decided that the couples Simčo – J. Benko and Špička – Witiska fought for a leadership in the tournament. Match for third and fourth place was played by couples Mestický – R. Špička and Friedrich – Kuděla. A couple Ján Simčo, Railway Company Cargo Slovakia and Jiří Špička, Transport Educational Institute then won in the final match.

We also prepared a program for guests who weren´t so much interested in sport in parallel. Large group, mostly made up of guests from Poland, took part in guided tour of the historical centre of Olomouc. All participants appreciated the architectural beauty of Haná metropolis very much.

After the tour, all guests gathered for refreshments in the tennis complex. Here we have prepared a surprise for them in the form of a turkey on a spit and then baked piglet.

At the end of the half social and sports meeting the most versatile sportsman of OLTIS THREE BALLS CUP 2009 was announced. Mr. Jiří Špička from Transport Educational Institute became the total winner of the tournament. All winners were awarded by valuable prizes and cups as a nice memory to this two-day sporting event.

We heartily congratulate to all winners and we look forward to seeing all participants at next year OLTIS CUP THREE BALLS!