The OLTIS Group Company became the member of the Association of European Railway Industries UNIFE at the beginning of February 2010.

UNIFE was founded in 1991 and its mission is to actively develop the environment in which its members can provide competitive railway systems for rail transport. The association also actively represents the leading European railway suppliers of design, manufacture, maintenance and reconstruction of railway transport systems, subsystems and related equipment. The membership is also possible for associate members, mostly the national associations of the rail industry.

The permanent secretariat of UNIFE is in Brussels, has 23 employees and maintains close contacts with European and international institutions. UNIFE has become an important partner in issues of transport development. The Secretariat coordinates the work of more than 500 experts, grouped in various committees and working groups concerning mainly the following topics:

  • Public Relations
  • European Research
  • Standardization and harmonization in the EU
  • IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard)

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