On 5 – 8 May 2015, the company OLTIS Group took part in the 15th international exhibition of logistics, transport, information technology and operation of supply chains, transport logistic Munich. OLTIS Group was thus among the 2050 exhibitors from the total of 62 countries. The exhibition has a growing reputation, as is seen from the large attendance of 55,000 visitors from 124 countries.

The participation at this year’s trade fair was an opportunity to meet many of our current customers from leading forwarding companies and carriers. We also managed to make a number of new interesting contacts with potential collaborators and customers from Central, South and Western Europe. Within our stand we went through a lot of meetings and we introduced not only the innovations of our products but also new trends in the field of information systems for transport and logistics. In addition to obtaining information and contacts in the rail transport market, the exhibition also contributed to advertising of OLTIS Group trademark.

The participation in the fair was very beneficial for us both business-wise and professional-wise. In terms of professional gain, we appreciated the information on the current trends in European railways development, logistics development and the meeting with our major competitors in the field of information technology for transport.


Mnichov 2015    Mnichov 2015

Mnichov 2015    Mnichov 2015