The International Scientific Conference “Horizons of Railway Transport 2015” was held from September 30 – October 1, 2015 traditionally in the premises of the Central Institute of Education and Psychology of Railways of the Slovak Republic (ZSR) in STREČNO. The Conference was organised by the University of Žilina under the auspices of the Slovak Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development.

On the first day of the conference, professional lectures and discussion were included in the program. The key topic of this years´ conference was „The position of rail transport in the transport system of the EU – new challenges for transport policy“. Following this theme, the speakers presented their lectures that were further divided into more specific topics such as Railway infrastructure, Management, marketing and economic in the railway transportation or Intermodal transportation.

OLTIS Group contributed to the conference not only financially but also with two professional lectures. Lubomír Suchánek from OLTIS Slovakia made a lecture “SYMOZA – Measurement of vehicle profile” – and Alena Loudová took part with her contribution “Opportunities of European railway research financing and examples of successful projects”.

The second day of the conference was devoted to an excursion where participants took part in a trip by a special historical train M274.0 „Blue arrow” (Modrý šíp). This train brought them to Púchov where they were able to visit the Traffic control centre ZSR from which the operation of transport station Púchov and adjacent sections is controlled.