17. – 18. 10. 2019
This year’s autumn user meeting again took place in the pleasant environment of the Hotel Flora, in Olomouc, which is presently undergoing modernization. This year’s seminar was again attended by 80 visitors, who were divided into two sections: the section for Carriers and Forwarders.
The main topics of discussion were:

  • Latest news in OLTIS Group software products – Transport and logistics division
  • Information about planned changes in data communication with IS SŽDC
  • Current information of infrastructure managers of SŽDC and ŽSR
  • Warehouse – LOGI, IS for warehouse management
  • The exchange of mutual experience in working with FRED, DOCUMENTS + and IS NEWSPED programs
  • Damage in intermodal transport

Insurance in rail transportBoth sections compromised of the same last lectures introducing the topic of ‘Damages and Complaints in Combined Transport’ (presented by Dr. Petr Rožek, Executive Director of SSL ČR) and the ‘Insurance in Transport and Forwarding’ (presented by Ing. Dorota Waclawiková, Senior Insurance Broker at SATUM CZECH).

At the seminar, we tested the capabilities of the online web platform for asking questions and communicating. The guests liked this tool, they used it to ask questions to the presenters during the individual lectures, to evaluate and vote on polls prepared by the Guarantee Section.

Winners of the 14th PEPY Memorial in Bowling at the Bowland Bowling Center in Šantovka:
1. Burešová Kateřina
2. Slancová Tereza
3. Horniaková Zuzana

1. Rampula Zdeněk
2. Dołba Piotr
3. Božík Martin

Highest casts:
Horniaková Zuzana 118 b.
Kovář Stanislav 178 b.

The second day is regularly devoted to an excursion around Olomouc. This time it was no different, by bus we drove to see the Mladeč caves in the morning, learned about its origin, history and discovery, guessing several stalactites and stalagmites, experienced cave darkness and Eman learned his prophecy. Then we visited the Litovel brewery, which has the proper Haná atmosphere. After the tasting of specials and purchase of memorial items, lunch was hosted in our favorite Olomouc M3 lunch pub and farewell.

We look forward to seeing our customers during the next OG Seminar in 2020!