Dear business partners, associates,

A significant development took place effective 01 January 2023 at the post of Director of OLTIS Slovakia. Mr Ing. Peter Šulko, whom we sincerely thank for his work in this position and wish him good health, satisfaction and success, assumes a new challenging role at the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic.

Mr Ing. Jozef Peško takes over as the new director of OLTIS Slovakia on the given date. He is an experienced manager and an expert in the field. He was previously at Železničná spoločnost´ Slovensko (Slovak Railway Company).

His professional profile speaks of an enthusiastic and deeply interested railways career person. After graduating from VŠDS in Žilina, he was employed by the ŽSR, ZSSK CARGO and Železničná spoločnost´ Slovensko where he progressed from operative professions to managerial positions. He worked in operations, sales and maintenance, and comes to us from the position of Director of Service Centre of the Železničná spoločnost´ Slovensko. Therefore, we look forward to working with an expert for who the railway industry is a profession that is deeply embedded in his heart, encompassing all domains.

The priority objective of OLTIS Group, including OLTIS Slovakia, is the satisfaction of our customers, quality services and professional technical support. We believe that working with us will be a stimulating challenge for the new director, and through his leadership we wish OLTIS Slovakia further success.

Taking advantage of this occasion, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our business partners and associates for your collaboration thus far, and we look forward to furthering our cooperation. We wish you a prosperous 2023.

Štefan Mestický
Chief Executive Officer