On Saturday, 17 September, our company happily became a patron of tree No 13 – a large-leaved lime – planted in the new Love and Friendship Park close to the chapel in the Nové Sady quarter of Olomouc city. The event was inaugurated by mayor Miroslav Žbánek, deputy mayor Otakar Štěpán Bačák, and Chairman of the Management Board of Malý Noe Foundation, Jaroslav Strejček. After their opening speeches, children from a children’s house in Olomouc performed a music piece and the attending representatives of the Municipal Authority and Malý Noe Foundation handed out thank-you certificates to the tree patrons. After the ceremonial planting of one tree by a professional company, Stanislav Koutný, Director of Marketing and Jarka Pechová, HR Director, took the shovels themselves and started planting.

The event took place with the support of Olomouc City and the Malý Noe Foundation to help children in need, in particular, in the Olomouc region. Olomouc City provided and readied the planting the area around the Immaculate Conception Chapel in Nové Sady. The Malý Noe Foundation decided to participate in the project to offer citizens, companies, schools, associations, etc., an opportunity to become a patron of a tree in the park. The patrons could plant the trees themselves – with their families, children, or colleagues – and help the children through financial donations. Now, we can all watch as the trees grow in the lush park giving the city quarter a new face. To date, the Malý Noe Foundation has planted 348 trees in 5 gardens at several locations.

We are happy to have cooperated in such a project and contributed to planting a new green area in the city while, at the same time, helping socially disadvantaged and handicapped children. We wish our trees, and other trees as well, to grow strong and bring joy to the passers-by.