7.-9. 10. 2019

In early October, representatives of the project team participated at the Digital Transport Days Conference held in Helsinki, an event organized by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) under the auspices of the European Commission.

Presentations and workshops were large-scale and focused on everything from digitization, (electro) mobility to new trends in multimodal transport and other research and development topics.

This several-day event was an excellent opportunity for presenting outputs from the past or currently running projects. Several dozen companies have decided to use it, including the OLTIS Group Company.

Although there were a lot of attractions in the form of drones or electric bikes, many participants also came to see our booth, where we (as the only one from the Czech Republic) disseminated education in the area of interoperability on the railway. We also discussed the positive and negative aspects of the entire process we encountered during the implementation phase.

We are pleased that many subjects have taken this issue and that interoperability is becoming the prominent matter for many. We will see if we can establish further partnerships or new cooperation.